APPRENTICE Steph Howard describes her time studying for a construction site engineering technician apprenticeship.

Steph is a student at Solent University, which offers higher and degree apprenticeships.

This means apprentices qualify not just with their apprenticeships award, but a degree qualification too.

Speaking about her first year, Steph said: “My studies have been going great.

“I was able to undertake a lot more jobs at work due to what I have learnt at university – it’s really helped me with more of an understanding of the engineering world.”

She added: We did a surveying module which was quite practical, it made a change being out of the classroom. It was great experience learning with surveying equipment that I use in my day-to-day job which has helped by making me more confident when using the equipment at work.

“My next step in the career path would be to undertake a degree in Civil Engineering whilst continuing to work alongside the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) and become part of the professional association for Civil Engineers.”

There are a variety of apprenticeships at Solent University including, built environment, business, computing, engineering and health and social care.

Speak with your employer, who may be able to use their levy fund from the government to support you.

You can find out more about higher degree apprenticeships online here