A SOUTHAMPTON nursery was forced to close after a group of vandals smashed property.

Harefield Community Pre-School was left covered in dangerous shards of glass following an overnight vandalism attack.

A “group of teens” smashed a window and scrawled obscene graffiti over the outdoor chalkboards.

Daily Echo: Broken glass in the outdoor play area.Broken glass in the outdoor play area.

They also broke into a shed at the site in Yeovil Chase and hurled stones around the play area on Tuesday night.

Glass was strewn across the building with shards even found in toy boxes.

The pre-school was forced to close on Wednesday as staff launched a clean-up operation.

Meanwhile, working parents were forced to find alternative care for their youngsters.

Manager Tina Ford says there have been similar incidents over the last two-years.

Based on CCTV captured at a neighbouring property, she said that groups of teens broke in before damaging guttering and clambering on the roof.

Daily Echo: Tina Ford.Tina Ford.

Tina says she was left upset and angry by the situation.

She added that the pre-school, which caters for around 40 youngsters between the ages of around two and four years old, is a charity, meaning it needs to fundraise to replace its damaged property.

She said: “I would like it to stop. I would like the parents to control their children.

“It’s upsetting. We are here for the community. We are not doing any harm.

“Each time the vandalism is getting worse.”

Daily Echo: The smashed window at Harefield Community Pre-schoolThe smashed window at Harefield Community Pre-school

Many staff members have expressed their concerns about what could happen next.

One said: “We are scared the next thing will be arson.”

Another said: “One day they might have children who would have to go to a pre-school and it could happen to them and it’s not fair.”

Daily Echo: Teens are said to have broken into the garden on Tuesday night.Teens are said to have broken into the garden on Tuesday night.

The Harefield nursery even had plans to build a conservatory, however, the order was cancelled over for fears it would be ruined.

Anyone with any information is urged to call police quoting crime reference number INC-20210908-0514