MULTIPLE agencies are due to meet at the end of this month to discuss tackling flooding around a Hampshire village.

On July 12, torrential downpours meant that several businesses and homes were flooded in and around Fair Oak.

Winchester Road, Mortimers Lane and Allington Lane were all hit with the water closing roads, businesses and in some cases, destroying the entire ground flood of people’s houses.

Now though, efforts are being made to ensure this kind of incident doesn’t happen again with a meeting of a new flooding taskforce, made up of representatives from Hampshire County Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, Southern Water and the Environment Agency.

Daily Echo: Flooding at the Allington Lane/Fir Tree Lane junction, 7.00 pm on 12th July.Flooding at the Allington Lane/Fir Tree Lane junction, 7.00 pm on 12th July.

Since the flooding, Fair Oak ward Cllr Steven Broomfield has been working with Southern Water and other agencies to make sure drains and culverts in the area are clear of any blockages and maintained.

He said that residents have contacted him recently, concerned that the next time it rains, the floods may happen again.

“On that day we had more rain than we would normally get in about a month, but I think the issue is, there are four different agencies involved in this so its been trying to unravel who is responsible for what, who can do what about their responsibilities and in the most important thing is how we prevent it happening again.

“The problem is, in Fair Oak we’ve had an awful lot of building. Obviously a lot of green space has disappeared and now has concrete and tar-mac on it so that doesn’t help the water run off because normally it would soak away, now it just runs off the concrete.


“So its important that existing drainage is up to scratch, its important that the affect of this is considered when putting any future drainage and future roads in.

“We need to get it done before we have the next rain event and not after the next one because we forget it about. Lets get going with it, lets get it done, and hopefully we can if not prevent, at least mitigate the effects of any future event.”

Daily Echo: Southern Water workman working on drainage in Fair Oak.

At the meeting which is due to take place on September 28, it is expected that the multiple agencies will discuss who is responsible for each area, and what the plan will be going forward.

Paul Holmes, Eastleigh MP, added: “The recent floods caused major damage and disruption to people living in Fair Oak and the surrounding areas. I’m pleased to be working with Cllr Broomfield and Southern Water to ensure drains and flood defences are properly maintained.

“Cllr Broomfield and I will also be meeting with key partners shortly to explore what additional measures can be put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”