A SOUTHAMPTON man threatened his ex-partner's new lover and threatened to stab the man's brother, a court heard.

Lee Anthony Wookey confronted his victim as he walked his dog in the street.

The 44-year-old of Merryoak Road threatened that if he called the police he would kill him.

Prosecution barrister, Graham Gilbert told how Wookey said he was going "to do" him and ran his finger against his throat.

The defendant then struck the man to the side of the head and threatened he would burn his parents' house down.

Mr Gilbert said: "His victim believed those threats when they were made."

The same day, Wookey approached his victim's brother.

He became angry and shouted telling him several times he would "stab him up", Mr Gilbert added.

The man tried to appear unbothered but Wookey lunged at him and repeated that he was going to stab him.

Following the incidents on May 4 this year, Wookey was arrested at his place of work.

Mr Gilbert said: "He was interviewed and provided a prepared statement in which he denied making any threats.

He said he had been assaulted by one of his victim's and alleged that his former partner was making things up

Victim personal statement said he was violent and abusive

I am living in fear all the time and

I just want to be happy and lead a normal life.

Appearing before Southampton Crown Court, Wookey charged with common assault and assault by beating - to which he pleaded guilty.

He also admitted to breaching a restraining order.

He has 25 convictions to 73 previous offences - 16 of these are for assaults against the person.

Wookey has six public order matters on his record and has breached court orders 13 times, the court heard.

Defending, Tom Horder, said: "I am going to suggest there a is a pattern with this man, of him making, when he loses his temper, extreme threats that are not backed up."

He added that his client, who works as a green keeper at a local golf course, said prison had been "real shock" and that he is locked in his cell for 23 hours a day.

Recorder Barry McElduff jailed him for at total of 18 months and handed him a 13-year restraining order.