A FORMER Saints and England player is due to head to Fareham for the launch of a new fitness concept.

On October 19, Alan Shearer is due to attend Fareham Leisure Centre as a new "state-of-the-art" fitness concept, FORTIS, is due to be launched.

The HIIT-based workout class, is said to be an "affordable, accessible and inclusive" workout, where everyone from athletes to new exercisers can work out to their maximum, in the same class.

HIIT is a combination of high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by equal rest periods.

Self-confessed HIIT fan and Speedflex Ambassador, Alan Shearer, is supporting the new studio to showcase the power of HIIT workouts that are fun, effective and safe for all.

He said: "“I’m a huge fan of the Speedflex method. What I really love about it is that it doesn’t ache or hurt your body. Since retiring from football I’ve tried everything from running to weight sessions to keep in shape, but none of it has half the impact that Speedflex does.

"I’m supporting Speedflex and Everyone Active’s goal to create a fun workout programme for everyone in a fantastic environment. It’s suited to all ages whether you’re 51 like me or you’re 21, it’s great for anyone.

"I’m living proof that this 30-minute HIIT workout will leave you feeling good without the normal aches and pains of the gym. Sign up for your free class today!”