SOUTHAMPTON residents have been left "annoyed" after months of youths pelting eggs at cars and homes.

Those living on Coates Road have been plagued with antisocial behaviour for months as youths on scooters repeatedly targeting cars and homes with raw eggs.

CCTV footage from one resident shows a pair of boys riding down the road late at night launching eggs at vehicles and houses on the street.

Residents say that the nuisance has been going on since mid-May, with videos dating from July to September.

Those living on Coates Road say that they have contacted the police but are disappointed in the lack of police action taken to tackle the ongoing harassment.

They say that the police could do more to end the relentless annoyance.

Residents have said the culprits are two young boys riding on scooters, but sometimes it is only one.

The incidents have been happening at roughly the same time at around 10.45pm to 11pm.

The boys have been caught on CCTV a number of times where you can see the youths throwing items at homes and cars along the road.

In a statement on Facebook, one woman said: "Now as a one off, you could brush it off as a 'kids will be kids' situation, however this has been happening since mid-May.

"[They] started egging the property, whether it be car or property.

"As you can see by the videos it is roughly the same sort of time.

"But sometimes it happens a few times a week, sometimes a few times a month.

"[It's] two lads on scooters or sometimes only one.

"It's more than annoying now. Just why?"

The Daily Echo contacted Hampshire Constabulary for a comment but it did not respond.