A WELLBEING charity is looking to recruit over 80 new staff as demand soars after lockdown.

Southampton based, Options Wellbeing Trust, says it needs to recruit a further 85 Associate Therapists and Practitioners this month to help meet rising demand for counsellors in the city post-lockdown.

The trust offers a range of professional and affordable support to people across Southampton, helping them explore ways of recognising what is negatively impacting on their lives and finding ways of addressing and improving their wellbeing.

It is now looking to fill roles on a self-employed basis and those that join the charity will be able to take advantage of a whole host of benefits by becoming an associate.

These include the support of experienced practitioners, referrals between colleagues, complimentary clinical supervision and regular discounted CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions and training opportunities.

Wendy Lee, Head of Health and Wellbeing, said: “We’re seeing a much greater demand for our services post-pandemic and following the lockdowns this and last year. People have struggled and have understandably found it difficult coping with many of the issues it has raised.

“We’re now dealing with the aftermath and the impact of Covid and are supporting people with their general wellness, making a positive difference to their daily lives. Our services cover a whole range of topics including issues connected with loneliness and isolation brought on by restrictions.

“Also, we’re now dealing with anxiety about returning to ‘normal’ and leaving the safety of home, plus self-harm, trauma and bereavement related potentially to illness, long Covid and pandemic deaths.

"As well as alcohol and gambling issues, as people struggle with spending much more time potentially on their own, without their usual positive external distractions and the support of friends and family."