SOUTHAMPTON residents have expressed their concern for local wildlife after a pond habitat became filled with "green scum".

Those who regularly visit Shirley Pond have noticed a green blanket of what they believe to be algae settled on top of the water.

It has raised concerns among locals for wildlife that live in the area with fears of "oxygen starvation" in the water.

They say that "something has to be done" to clear up the area.

It comes just months after the Daily Echo reported antisocial behaviour, litter, violence towards animals and poor maintenance.

One resident, who contacted the Daily Echo, described the covering as a "green scum".

Concerns were raised for the safety of wildlife.

"I am worried that the wildlife in the pond might be starved of oxygen. Something has to be done."

A dog walker, who said that they use the pond walk multiple times a week, added: "As well as all of the anti-social behaviour we now have to look at this ugly and messy covering.

"I can't believe got has got into this state, it's a danger to our wildlife."

In May, it was reported that several birds have been found dead at Shirley Pond.

Witnesses claimed that they saw what they believed to be youths firing catapults.

Officers in the area have been notified of the issues with up to 40 birds found dead on one occasion.

The following month in June, Southampton residents claimed that the pond had "no fresh water since March", which is starving the water of oxygen and causing havoc on the area's wildlife.

Residents claim that the area around inlet has "not been maintained by the council for years", adding that trees and bushes are growing from the pond bed. Silt has built-up in the area and is blocking both the inlet and outlet points.