CAN you give these pets a home?

These pets are currently residents at the Blue Cross rehoming shelter in West End, near Southampton.

Jake is a three-year-old ex-racing Greyhound. He is a very sweet chap who has adjusted to life in a foster home really well. He can be quite sensitive at times and find some things in the home a little scary, so he is looking for a new owner who will take things slowly with him and help him to adjust to being in his new home. He loves to relax and is no trouble to have around, he can even be left for short periods at a time. When out walking, Jake can be worried by other dogs so would like to walk in quieter places where he won’t see off lead dogs. He has a lot of love to give a new owner, but in return he needs to find someone who will be happy that he will need long term pain relief. Due to his breed, he has a high chase drive so would not be looking to live with cats or small animals.

Flopsy and Bobtail are a bonded pair of rabbits looking for their new home together. Bobtail is a four-month-old crossbreed and Flopsy is a four-year-old lop. They are very friendly bunnies who don’t mind being stroked when they are in the mood. They are very inquisitive, especially when they have new sources of enrichment to occupy themselves with. They love to hop through tunnels and climb into cardboard boxes. They’re quite nosy when their human friends are around and like to see what they’re up to. Flopsy and Bobtail are primarily outdoor bunnies but do like to spend time indoors too. They will need spacious housing in their new home so they can hop around to their heart’s content. They may be able to live with children providing that they are calm and sensible around them.