IT's the foodie start up helping curry lovers produce Indian restaurant quality food from the comfort of their own kitchens.

Zaman Condiments and Sauces in Southampton specialises in handcrafted sauces, made in small batches, using only organic ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

The new business, the brainchild of Fatima Zaman, has already been shortlisted in the Great British Food Awards for its exceptional Craft Lemon Madras sauce.

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Its other products are Craft Almond Tika Masala, Craft Original Curry, Craft Coconut Korma, and Craft Mint Tandoori marinade.

Fatima told the Daily Echo: "The recipes for my sauces were first established in my father´s Indian Restaurants in West London. The quality of the carefully sourced fresh ingredients used in the dishes and the quick service that was provided at the restaurants, was second to none - and they have laid the foundations for my own food start-up.

"When the restaurants were sold, I really missed Indian Restaurant food. As a busy health conscious professional, I was looking for a quick, tasty solution. I tried various gourmet supermarket bottled Indian sauces, but found that neither the taste, texture nor the quality of their ingredients matched my expectations.

Daily Echo:

"I began to imagine the prospect of preparing my father´s restaurant food with a bottled sauce. Foodie heaven in my kitchen cupboard!

"Using fresh organic produce, a secret blend of spices and a star ingredient, organic olive oil, Zaman Condiments and Sauces was born.

"I provide consumers with premium products so that they can prepare Indian favourites from the comfort of their homes in less than 20 minutes."

Fatima started to give away samples to friends, hosted gastro pop-ups and supper clubs, she even made up batches for lonely neighbours during the pandemic.

Daily Echo:

The sauces start up, which offers a quick, healthy solution for curry aficionados, is now quickly expanding.

The Great British Food Awards 2021 celebrate the very best of artisanal produce in the food and drink industry with a judging panel comprised of highly revered chefs, food critics and influencers.

Vivek Singh, founder of London's revered Cinnamon collection of restaurants will be sampling the sauces and the results will be published on October 28.

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