A FAWLEY care home must improve after a watchdog found it to be unsafe.

Sundial Cottage in Badminston Drove was rated 'requires improvement' following a recent Care Quality Commission inspection.

Taps at the 22-bed facility were found to be discharging water capable of scalding residents, according to the report published at the beginning of September.

Some medicines were not being stored in the correct temperature, and others had gone past their expiry date.

The report said: "The temperature of the hot water being discharged from a number of these basins had, for several months, been recorded as being in excess of recommended safe limits.

"Whilst there was no evidence that anyone had been harmed, this increased the risk of people being scalded.

"The current temperature of the areas where medicines were stored was being monitored. However, the temperature of the medicine's fridge had been outside of the recommended temperature range for at least

20 days in July 2021 without action being taken to address this.

"It is important that medicines are stored at the recommended temperature as this ensures they continue to be safe and effective to use. Three medicines available for staff to administer were either past their expiry date or the 'in-use' expiry date."

A suitable legionella risk assessment was not in place at the care home.

The CQC has also demanded the facility improves its leadership, stating that "the service was not always well led".

At the time of the inspection, Sundial Cottage was owned by a partnership.

Since, it has changed to a limited company but there has not been any change to whom is responsible for the day to day management of the service.

'Mr N Sykes' remains accountable, along with the registered manager, for how the regulated activity and care provision is provided at the service