GANGS of youths are “terrorising” Southampton city centre and robbing other teens at knife-point.

Parents say they are scared to let their children out on the city streets alone following a spate of robberies in the Bargate Ward.

According to police, there have been 17 incidents in the last two months.

On each occasion, teenage boys have been surrounded by a large group of other teens who then demand their things.

They often make threats of violence and have stolen wallets, cash, mobile phones and bikes at knife-point.

Earlier in the month, two 14-year-old boys were approached by a group of around ten youths on Western Esplanade who then demanded they empty their pockets.

The boys were able to flee the scene and escape to Southampton Central Train Station unscathed.

However, the gang stole a bag and set of air-pods.

The father of one of the victims says his son has suffered sleep loss since the robbery.

As a parent, he says he feels anxious when he goes out with friends.

Meanwhile, a woman who lives in the city centre says her 14-year-old son had his bike stolen at knife-point in Hoglands Park in August.

She now wants parents to be aware of the danger the gangs pose.

She said: “My son was too scared to go through with any charges . I go to work early so I can walk him up to town and get him on the bus so he doesn’t have to walk through the town alone.

“It’s scary the fact there is no extra patrols either. It’s frightening that if one of the kids do turn around and say “you’re not having it” then are they going to use the knife? I said to my nipper, just hand over your stuff we’ll replace it, we can’t replace a life.

“It’s not much of a life that they’re having because of this lot terrorising the streets.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has confirmed that no arrests have been made, however, a specialist team of officers is currently dedicated to the investigation.