A FERAL pigeon was found at a Chinese restaurant in Southampton during a damning health inspection, according to a report.

The bird was found strutting about in a storage area at China Wok.

The takeaway in St Mary Street was slammed in a report by an environmental health officer and given a hygiene rating of just one. This means that major improvements are needed to food safety systems and cleanliness.


An inspection report stated that pest-proofing in a storage area was “poor”.

It said “the rear corridor used for storage and also leading to the staff WC was being used for cooling open foods”.

The inspecting officer said: “This area is not suitable for open foods because it is not adequately proofed against the entry by pests, as proven by the presence of a feral pigeon that had presumably gained access through the gaps in the roof.”

The report said light switches and door handles were dirty and noted: “No food safety management documentation was available at the time of the inspection.

“It was clear from the defects and deficiencies within the premises that there is no adequate food safety management system.”

Key points discussed during the inspection included pest proofing, cleaning and a lack of hand drying facilities.

The health officer probed the kitchen, preparation area, washing up area, storage space and a staff toilet.

The results of the inspection on July 9 have only just been released.

It was recommended that management “take a critical look around the food areas and remove items that are not needed for food preparation”.

They were urged to “store items tidily, rather than using racking in a haphazard manner, to make the task of cleaning easier and minimising the risk of foods and equipment being contaminated”

They were asked to “carry out a thorough clean (and where necessary) disinfection of the premises and maintain in a clean condition”.

The Daily Echo has contacted China Wok for comment.