AHAR, me hearties!

Nursery and pre pre prep children at Forres Sandle Manor School in Fordingbridge celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day, learning and having fun based around the language and lives of pirates.

Daily Echo:

Reception Teacher Mrs Holdom said: We've had great fun! They made pirate hats, cutting out their own skull and crossbones emblems. The children practised writing their own names on pirate-themed ‘Wanted’ posters and then learned about words starting with a ‘p’ sound, taking care as they passed around tiny ‘p’ objects.

"The children learned how to make a ‘p’ in sand. After a play in the Pirate Ship playground, Reception had fun learning about old maps and compass directions as they made their own treasure maps with crocodile-infested swamps, palm trees and ‘X’ marking the spot where the treasure is hidden!"