THERE is more than just food and drink on the menu at this new bar in Southampton.

CRIB in Bedford Place is one of a handful of venues in the city to offer shuffleboard – a game involving weighted pucks and a narrow table.

It is a common sight in London pubs, but local Sean Larsen wanted to "drag out the culture from the capital".

Daily Echo: CRIB in Southampton, offering shuffleboard

He owns CRIB with three other Southampton residents, who also run the Baseball Entertainment Centre in East Street.

"It's all about socialising," Sean told the Echo. "Yeah, we all enjoy going out for food and a drink, but this adds that little bit extra.

"Not many people have heard of shuffleboard but it's really popular in London. CRIB gives people a chance to try something new."

The activity involves players sliding pucks down the table, with the high scoring zones at the very end.

But this is not the only challenge on offer at the bar, which opened earlier in the summer.

Those with a big appetite can attempt a Big Dough Co 23-inch pizza.

"We think this is the biggest pizza in Southampton, and Deliveroo won't deliver them because they don't fit on the back of a bike!" said Sean.

"Many have tried, but all have failed. If you can eat it in under an hour, though, you won't have to pay for your food. I think someone will do it soon."

CRIB is themed as a manor house that has been bought by an eccentric millionaire who has more money than taste.

Daily Echo: CRIB in Southampton, offering shuffleboard

The once-classy walls are adorned in graffiti and artwork.

Sean added: "It's great for groups, for people after work, those looking to start their night off and also for parties.

"We do encourage people to book but also take walk-ins. Booking will guarantee a shuffleboard table as well as a designated seating area for food and drinks."

There are offers during the week, with student night on Tuesday and free shuffleboard between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The menu also features a wide range of cocktails.

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