A ONE off gig from a specially created band of Southampton musicians who have performed with the likes of George Michael, Elton John, Diana Ross and Sting will bring the 2021 instalment of Music in the City to a toe-tapping close.

The Southampton AllStars gig, at The 1865 on Sunday, will provide a fitting finale for the return of the city’s biggest free music festival.

Their concert, and a classical double bill at The Art Gallery, will provide Sunday’s entertainment

The main event, tomorrow, will see the pop up festival bringing live music to a variety of weird and wonderful venues around Southampton.

Music in the City celebrates the array of musical talent from the region and will see more than 1,000 artists from over 150 acts perform in 22 venues.

Southampton will come alive with the sounds of free live music from all genres in spots which will this year include the newly pedestrianised Carlton Place.

Daily Echo:

Expect everything from rock to classical, jazz to punk and folk to blues, in some of the city’s best settings, including God’s House Tower, an incredible 700-year-old building which has under gone a £3.1 million refurbishment project, Holy Rood Church from around the same era and some of the city’s historic wine vaults, which are not normally open to the public, as well as a number of outdoor stages.

Madison Heights, The Flying Alexanders, Lottie J, Taylor Made, Nick Tann, Ken Wood and The Mixers and the Southampton University Brass Band are among the acts from a diverse list of local talent to perform.

Music in the City is set to return to the streets of Southampton for its 13th annual outing after the pandemic forced it online in 2020.

Thousands of visitors are expected to descend on the city to enjoy a walk around the city centre live music venues highlighted on our map.

Daily Echo:

Saturday Listings
Bargate - 1pm Richard Taunton Musicians, 2.30pm Empty Frets, 3.30pm The Rhythm Boulevard Band, 4.30pm Grace Bland, 5.30pm The Ben Poore Project, 6pm Ukofonics
Bedford Place- 1pm Blue Dog Band, 2pm Fleur Lindsay & Band, 3pm Groove Bakers, 4pm Madison Heights Soul & Motown Band, 5pm The Flying Alexanders, 6pm The Moonlighters
Belgium & Blues - 1pm The Glass Cherries, 1.45pm Maple Ward, 2.15pm Jack Dale & Bastien Terraz, 2.45pm McGriff, 3.30pm Rambling Steve Appleseed, 4pm Lottie J, 4.30pm Roger Chantler, 5pm Eric Walker & Abigail Stoneman, 5.45pm Newport Session Band
Bistro Baristo - 1pm Three’s Country, 1.40pm Tony Arthur, 2.20pm G-Floyd-D, 3pm Steve Warner, 3.40pm Dean Huelin, 4.20pm Jack of Hearts, 5pm Taylor Made
Brewdog - 1pm ¥eti, 1.45pm Rooster Tooth, 2.30pm Ruben Aburrow, 3.15pm Pegasuses, 4pm Ryan Saunders, 4.45pm Fragile Lucy, 5.30pm Millie Thimarus
Crammed Inn - 1pm Ron May, 1.45pm Jon Walsh, 2.30opm Steve Osman, 3.15pm The Outsiders, 4pm Sasha Louise, 4.45pm Jonathan Klein, 5.30pm Wilson/Foot
Dancing Man Brewery - 1pm Carley Varley, 1.45pm Cabin Crew Barbershop Quartet, 2.30pm All in the family, 3.15pm Euphoria, 4pm SKB, 4.45pm Pianoman Justie
Grand Cafe - 12pm Sarah Skeet, Calvin Glen, 1pm Sophie Breakell, Aaron James, 2pm Isla Croll, Nathan Cannon, 3pm Jose Ramon Horcas, Rosie Hollins
God’s House Tower - 12.30pm When Harri Met Alli, 1.10pm Brett Brooks, 1.50pm Coastel Acoustic Duo, 2.30pm Dan O’Farrell, 3.10pm Straight to Cake, 4pm Brian Hooper, 4.40pm Lee Desty, 5.20pm Nick Haynes
Guildhall Square - 11.30am Sound Pop Academy, 12.30pm St Andrews Pipe Band, 1pm Ocean Brass Band, 2pm St Andrews Pipe Band
Holyrood - 12.15pm The Glorious Big Sing, 1.15pm Southampton Folk Orchestra, 2.15pm Southampton Salty Sea Dogs, 3pm Batala Portsmouth, 3.45pm Uke Box Glory, 4.15pm Uncle Greedy, 4.45pm Tony Lehrle-Fry

King Johns Palace - 1pm, Lounge Room Lizards, 1.40pm Utter Buskers, 2.20pm Calvin Glen, 3pm Plaitford Common, 3.40pm Saxofony, 4.20pm Bill Thompson, 6.30pm SOS Presents, 7.10pm Impro Jazz, 7.50pm Ed and Dave, 8.30pm Nathan Cannon
Lankester Vault - 1pm Nick Tann, 1.50pm Weird Unkles, 2.40pm Tuto Marcondes and band, 3.30pm Zen Juddhism, 4.20pm Kinesis 4, 5.10pm Heartlands, 6pm Vision, 6.50pm Skinny Bob
Mettricks Guildhall - 1pm Wire-JD, 1.40pm Ava Lovell, 2.20pm Mike Thomas, 3pm Carl Zed, 3.40pm Anna Renae, 4.20pm Lois Lawn, 5pm Coosticks, 5.40pm Elderlys, 6.20pm Lilianna
Orange Rooms - 1pm Gracie Park, 1.40pm Kobie James, 2.20pm Flamenco and Spanish Guitar solo, 3pm Emotive Concept, 3.40pm Wilson/Foot, 4.20pm A.M. Davis, 5pm Sam ‘n’ Summer Go Live, 5.40pm Isabella Fairey, 6.20pm Alexandra Wischhusen
Oxford Street - 1pm Sahara, 2pm Eric Walker & Abigail Stoneman, 2.30pmThe Soulcatchers, 3.30pm Sarah Saville, 4pm PS Perrystone Hill, 5pm Don Shin, 5.30pm Galaxy Thief, 6.30pm Big Noise Community Samba Band, 7pm Ken Wood and the Mixers
Platform Tavern - 12pm One Trick Pony, 12.50pm, 1.40pm The Slack 5, 2.30pm Mark Vennis & Different Place, 3.20pm Neko Roshi, 4.10pm 71chain plays Gallagher, 5pm The Zone, 5.50pm Justin Capps and The Cavaliers

The Loft - 12pm Snake Heart, 12.50pm Jo-anne Lifford Band, 1.40pm Orkney, 2.30pm Steam Shed, 4.10pm 6-5 Special, 5pm Chawk

Undercroft Vault - 1pm The Doc Martin Band, 1.50pm The Mezz, 2.40pm Lo-Fi Rebels, 3.30pm Everyone Lies, 4.20pm Pot Kettle Black, 5.10pm Magnetic Skies, 6pm Ekowe

Westquay Esplanade - 1pm Batala Portsmouth, 1.30pm Showcase Youth Orchestras, 2.30pm Hear Our Voice - Youth Vocal Group, 3.30pm Raise Your Voice - Southampton’s Musical Theatre Choir.

Sunday Listings

The 1865 - 12.30pm to 2pm - Southampton AllStars. A first for 2021, a lunchtime concert featuring an incredible line-up of city talent. The final line up can’t be announced until the day due to availability but expect to savour the talents of Tony Wright, Clyde Ward, John Bicknell and Martin Perry who have five worldwide number ones between them.

The Art Gallery - 2pm The City of Southampton Orchestra, 3.30pm Flautissimo