POLICE dealt with more 'vehicle nuisance' in Calmore last night.

It comes weeks after a car meet on an industrial estate in the area was broken up by police.

New Forest police posted on social media to say: "Just finished a long day which ended with us helping our colleagues in Totton with an operation dealing with vehicle nuisance in the Calmore area and then on the way back in we have just seized cannabis from a group parked in the Bolton’s Bench car park at Lyndhurst."

And Totton Police said: "Recently, we have received reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), specifically in the Calmore area.

"This evening your local Totton Neighbourhoods Team have been out on active and visible patrols in these locations.

"As a Neighbourhoods Team we are dedicated to tackling any issues that impact our local community and find resolutions.

"We will be out on proactive patrols all weekend to try and combat some of these issues.

"So, if you do see us, then please approach us and raise your concerns or even just come and say hi."

In the incident back in August, officers found more than 100 people gathered with their vehicles on Calmore Industrial Estate.

One vehicle was seen driving dangerously, doing donuts in the vicinity and near to the people stood by, officers reported.