A HIT and run driver jumped a set of red lights before smashing into a car parked on a driveway and fleeing the scene.

Kamil Malowany ploughed his Fiat Ducato van into a car parked outside a property in Leigh Road in Eastleigh, a court heard.

The 32-year-old electrician had driven through a set of red traffic lights just moments before.

The impact jolted the car a foot forward and sent a bin flying through the air.

A Crown Prosecution Service solicitor told how Malowany reversed back onto the road and drove off.

Members of the public alerted police officers to the crash and initially reported he had collided with a house.

Malowany’s van was even described as shuddering.

He was eventually tracked to the car park of the Co-op food store towards Eastleigh town centre.

Malowany is said to have hit a bollard, mounted the pavement multiple times and then reversed into a police patrol car.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that when he was taken into custody he squared up to officers and was abusive.

When asked to give a breath sample he bit the machine.

Appearing at the city magistrates’ this week he was charged with failing to provide a specimen and dangerous driving.

He pleaded guilty to the offences which happened on September 4 this year.

Defending, Michael McGoldrick, said: “It was a bad day out for him”.

He told the court how Malowany, an electrician by trade, had come down from Leicester where he lives with his pregnant girlfriend.

He said his client had no excuses for what happened and that he had no drinking problem

Mr McGoldrick added that Malowany has hopes for a hip replacement and was unfit to perform unpaid work for medical reasons.

Malowany was released on bail and his case was sent up to Southampton Crown Court for sentencing.

He is next due to appear on October 20.


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