SOUTHAMPTON is one of the UK's best places for a roast dinner, a study has found.

Holiday marketplace Last Minute Cottages has revealed where in the country has the best chance of a good Sunday meal.

Southampton came ninth, with 17.6 four-and-a-half or higher rated roasts per 100,000 people.

The brand used TripAdvisor and Google data to curate the list.

Neighbouring city Portsmouth scored exactly the same as Southampton.

Canterbury came out as the nation’s ‘roast capital’, followed by Newquay and Norwich.

The full list shows the number of 4.5+ plus rated roasts per 100,000 people:

1. Canterbury - 138

2. Newquay - 113

3. Norwich - 37.72

4. Belfast - 32.4

5. Brighton - 31.7

6. Nottingham - 20.2

7. Newcastle - 20.1

8. Portsmouth - 17.6

9. Southampton - 17.6

10. Cheltenham - 15.47

A dish with traditional beef roast with gravy.

A dish with traditional beef roast with gravy.

Matthew Fox, CEO of the Snaptrip Group, said: "Although the festive season is still a good couple of months away, the cold weather has already begun to creep in, and people are once again beginning to crack open the tins of tomato soup, dust off their winter jackets, and get back into the rhythm of the weekly Sunday roast.

"So, we decided it was time to find out what a British roast dinner looks like and where in the UK you’ve got the best chance of eating a top-rated one.

"It was interesting to see Canterbury at the top of the list and London at the bottom, however when you look at the number of top-rated-roasts per 100,000 residents, it’s clear London just doesn’t have enough to go around! Our survey also threw up some surprises - nearly half of people don’t think pigs in blankets should be an all-year-round item - all I can say is I know which side of the fence I sit on…"

The survey also asked Brits which food item should always grace a roast dinner plate, and which they’d rather not see.

The five most important roast items, and the percentage of the British public who selected them, are:

1. Gravy - 97%

2. Roast Potatoes - 94%

3. Meat - 84%

4. Yorkshire Puddings - 84%

5. Carrots - 81%

Where to go in Southampton:

According to Tripadvisor, these are the top three restaurants for a roast dinner in Southampton.

Dancing Man Brewery, Town Quay, SO14

Dancing Man Brewery

Dancing Man Brewery

This experimental craft brewery is also home to one of the best roasts in Southampton, with rave reviewers saying it's the best roast they've ever had.

Roasts are served with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and lashings of gravy.

Choose between a duo of pork, sirloin of beef, corn fed chicken or a vegan roast.

The Cowherds, The Common, SO15

If you’re looking for an extra special treat then The Bank is the place to go for an indulgent Sunday roast.

The menu includes; sirloin of beef, roasted turkey breast or slow roasted tomato and almond bake.

For the same price as many other places in the town, The Cowherds roast offers a devine level of home cooked opulence from their rich gravy to their thyme stuffing wrapped in bacon.

Ceno, Highfield Lane, SO17

Ceno, Southampton

Ceno, Southampton

A Sunday roast at Ceno's is the epitome of lazy, gorgeous opulence washed down with some of the finest wine in the city.

Roasts are served from midday to 8pm and include roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and a choice of roasted beef, pork, chicken or vegetable hash.

For the more hungry of us they offer a 'roast with the most' which includes all three meats and the accompanying sides including crackling and apple sauce.