A RESTAURANT chain has announced it will be making changes to its Romsey eatery after a disabled man was left to eat outside in the driving rain.

Michael Grimmett uploaded a video of himself in a downpour outside Romsey Prezzo, asking Twitter users how he could complain to the Italian firm.

He said the restaurant was unable to seat him inside due to "the lack of ramp access", adding the eatery does have one "but it doesn’t fit the doorway".

He added: "Your management were so so rude, forcing me to eat outside in the rain. A unique experience."

Now, since the incident, Prezzo has apologised, and carry out an investigation.

They said: "Last week we promised to take urgent action, not words.

"We have ordered a new ramp for our Romsey restaurant which will allow disabled customers like Michael to access the restaurant more easily. This should arrive in the next 24 hours (by Wednesday, October 6).

"We have completed accessibility audits at all our restaurants. This includes identifying the facilities available, if any maintenance is required and any improvements needed for disabled access."

They added: "In October all of our restaurant managers will receive refresher disability training which will help make visits for disabled customers easier and smoother.

"We would like to thank Michael for his constructive engagement with us. By working in partnership with disabled customers and the disabled community more widely, we will continuously improve the accessibility of our restaurants.

"We know we can always get better so that every customer leaves wanting to return. As we get better we will update our website to ensure that we have accurate and clear communications about facilities at our restaurants."