AS a manager or supervisor, how do you set an internal climate where every person you are responsible for performs at their best, regardless of external factors?

Find out during an informal session over lunch this November at an in-person Lunch & Learn event in Southampton Science Park’s conference centre, Axis.

During this interactive, one-hour session, expert leadership coach Alison Craig will discuss:

  • How to create and raise the climate of high performance.
  • Feeling equipped to spot what’s getting in the way of individuals performing highly.
  • The 3 Cs: applying the proven clarity, confidence and consequences framework. How to self-rate, to identify performance blockages and reset.

This workshop-style session is relevant to all line managers, regardless of whether you manage or supervise one, or many people.

All Southampton Science Park Lunch & Learn sessions are free for any business manager to attend: you do not need to be a resident. Alison has dedicated her career to helping leaders get the best out of themselves and from others.

After 26 years at the John Lewis Partnership, where she achieved high levels of success operationally before specialising in people development, Alison founded her own coaching company to support small companies and large enterprises across multiple sectors with their leadership programmes.

She said: “The timing of this session is incredibly important. I’m working with a number of people who feel that their social skills have been negatively impacted by extended periods of homeworking. This is an opportunity to reset. I believe that when people are happy, confident and engaged, they perform at their best and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience of how to engender this culture in any organisation.”