Drivers in England have been warned over a possible £100 fine and three points being added to their driving licence in a change to motorway cameras.

Automatic motorway cameras will now be able to catch drivers using closed lanes, Highways England has said.

Drivers using motorway lanes marked with an X will now be caught out by automatic cameras on motorways across the country.

Warning to drivers from Highways England

Highways England warned: "There's no eXcuse - don't ignore the red X.

"It's illegal to drive in a red X lane and motorway cameras can now automatically detect drivers who flout the law.

"You could receive a £100 fine and get three points on your licence. #KeepUsAllMoving".

Highways England message causes confusion

The social media post drew criticism from road users who sought to clarify confusion over the new ruling.

“Please remember to tell us when speed restrictions & lane closures end, you are causing chaos, no one knows what the hell is going on or what speed they should be doing!!!

“Also, the number of times I've seen a restriction for 'Queue after next Junction' when traffic is v light,” said one social media user.

Another asked: “Does this sign only apply to the left lane of the motorway? I’ve seen these signs and then expect that at the next set of signs there will be a ‘X’ over the lane it applies to but they are all clear.”

A third added: "Signs don't make sense somedays.

"60, 40, 50, national, 40, drivers don't know what the hell to do, and then we wonder why accidents happen as people are braking to adhere to the law."