HUNDREDS of new parking spaces are to replace “muddy, churned up” grass verges around Southampton estates.

The Southampton Conservatives in Redbridge have announced that there will be more that 350 new parking spaces in the Millbrook and Redbridge area, however a list of roads affect is yet to be published.

The announcement was posted on Facebook on Monday.

It is understood that the new spaces will replace some of the grass verges around the area, which are “muddy and churned up” due to people parking on the grass.

A consultation is due to be held with residents to discuss where the spaces are needed and wanted.

Southampton City Council said they were unable to provide any further information regarding the parking spaces, adding that more information is due to be released.

No time period has been provided regarding further information.

It has been reported that a list of roads and affected areas is currently being "drawn up" with officers and cabinet member Cllr Spiros Vassilliou who are leading on the project.

Redbridge Ward Councillor Amanda Guest explained in a video posted on social media that Southampton City Council will be implementing more than 350 parking spaces “where residents want them”.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Cllr Guest said: “As my video states, parking spaces are designed to alleviate the muddy mess, churned up grass verges around the Millbrook estate where residents want them and where it is safe to implement.

“Some areas will have grass crete instead, which absorbs moisture but also allows grass to grow up through.

“All will be decided after consultation with residents where they want the spaces.

“Over the years the muddy areas have created concerns with health and safety issues as residents have slipped and caused themselves injury, plus, the estate was built over 60 to 70 years ago and since then the population in the area has grown and people usually have more than one car per family.

“There does seem to be a degree of scare mongering from opposition that grass protected areas will disappear, this is not what we want.

“Currently a list of roads is being drawn up with officers and cabinet member Cllr Spiros Vassilliou who are leading on the project.”