CAMERAS that captured a meteorite over the docks and a kiosk being destroyed by a lorry have been removed due to a "security risk".

YouTuber Solent Ships used live streaming cameras as part of their channel in a bid to "promote the port of Southampton" as well as sharing interesting videos captured throughout the 24 hours.

However, ABP has now removed the cameras over concerns surrounding data protection.

The channel has 23,400 subscribers and has captured a number of interesting and dramatic events at the port.

Most recently, Solent Ships shared footage of the moment the back of the lorry caught a kiosk at Red Funnel ferry terminal, which was demolished in seconds.

Three members of staff escaped serious injury following the incident on September 6.

But when searched for, it is clear that all videos of the incident have since been removed from Solent Ships' platforms.

On September 7, Solent Ships shared a video of a meteor flying though the sky over Southampton Docks and accumulated more than 105,000 views.

In a statement on the channel, Solent Ships said: "Thank you for all your messages regarding the missing camera activity. We are missing them too.

"But here is where we are. The success of the channel broadcasts has triggered an investigation by Associated British Ports (ABP) who are concerned the cameras pose a security risk at the port.

"This is disheartening as the intention was to promote the Port of Southampton and all connected activities.

"It is particularly disheartening when we have been told that both Vessel Traffic Services and Red Funnel Ferry have also enjoyed the coverage and that we have most likely aided both the safety and security of the port.

"The past few days have been difficult and we are finding ways to provide alternative shipping views that are not objectionable to ABP. PLease bear with us.

"Any new live streams and video content will be hosted on YouTube at Ahoyshipmate."

A spokesperson from ABP said: "We appreciate that being able to watch the activities at the port is an enjoyable activity for many and has brought a welcome distraction for many during these past challenging months.

"We are keen to find a way forward together with Solent Ships to explore how filming could be done in a way that respects the privacy of the many people who use the port.

"The concerns raised by Red Funnel Ferries last year are the ones we share today - to make sure Data Protection laws are not being breached, and that people’s privacy - from car registration numbers to cruise ship passengers, supply chain workers and our own staff – is respected.

"We very much hope to reach an agreement on how to move forward and invite Solent Ships to work with us to see how we can create a positive outcome for all.”