IT IS the weekend and Southampton's Chinese restaurants will be bustling.

So many will be treating themselves to a delicious sit down meal or takeaway after a busy week.

But where are the best Chinese eateries in (or near) the city?

7. Kachina, 376 Shirley Road

This eatery in Shirley has received rave reviews from hundreds of people on Tripadvisor.

It offers both dine-in and takeaway, and always has a discount deal on, whether that be for students, regulars or anyone in between.

Reviewer Ann-Marie G. said: "Small Chinese with a great atmosphere, excellent food and very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend."


Kachina in Shirley. Photo: Google Maps/Street View

Kachina in Shirley. Photo: Google Maps/Street View


6. JRC Global Buffet, The Marlands

Bang in the city centre is JRC Global Buffet.

As the name gives away, it isn't just Chinese cuisine on offer here.

But reviewers have mentioned the Chinese dishes so many times, that it has made its way to number seven on Tripadvisor's list.

Reviewer Tobi Heng said: "I love it here, such a great buffet and children friendly. Good value for money too. The desert section is good too."


JRC Global Buffet.

JRC Global Buffet.


5. Fuchi, 36 Rumbridge Street

Just outside the city in Totton is Fuchi, which caters to vegetarians and those seeking gluten free options.

It boasts an extensive menu and customers can dine in or take away. A delivery service is also offered.

Reviewer Natasha A. said: "Was delivered in time by a lovely man, customer service was super friendly and I can not believe I got some vegan duck pancakes they were so tasty.

"First Chinese I’ve been able to have since going vegan."


Fuchi Chinese Restaurant, Totton

Fuchi Chinese Restaurant, Totton


4. Kam's Palace, 1 Bridge Road

A short drive from the city centre is Kam's Palace – and you can't miss it.

The building is a 2-storey pagoda, and the restaurant serves classic cuisine.

Reviewer Maria B. said: "The most unreal Chinese I’ve ever had! So nice everything was just perfect. The staff were so enthusiastic and friendly. I would eat here everyday."


Chinese New Year Input - Friday February 12th 2021.....Pictured: Welcoming in the Chinese New Year colleagues of a Chinese restaurant near Southampton hold up traditional Chinese lanterns which are on display for their walk in takeaway customers.....Tom


3. Garden Restaurant, 44 High Road

A quick visit to this restaurant's website and you will see the reviews, alongside the extensive menu and constant discount deals.

It serves original Chinese food from the SizChuan province of China.

Reviewer Emily F. said: "We had a takeaway and it was fantastic! There was lots of meat, generous portions and the dishes were light and tasty. Would highly recommend."

2. Shanghai Bay, 17A Above Bar Street

Coming in at second place is this family-run business which opened its first restaurant in Swaythling in 2014.

The family then moved to the new premises at 17a Above Bar Street and opened in August 2016.

They pride themselves on authentic Chinese cuisine, seafood and Dim Sum which is served daily from 11am to 5pm.

Reviewer Effy L. said: "Dim Sum at this restaurant is one of the best. All the food are freshly cooked and they have so many varieties to choose from. The staff are very helpful and friendly."

1. Fusion Noodle Bar, 15 St Mary Street

Taking the top spot is Fusion Noodle Bar, which is also praised as 41st out of 542 restaurants in Southampton (by Tripadvisor).

Eat in or take away, this restaurant has an extensive menu with Chinese classics, and also Malaysian street food.

Reviewer Tara Laras said: "Delicious, no fuss Asian cuisine. Food was cooked perfectly, great friendly service. Inexpensive but great quality meal."


Fusion Noodle Bar. Photo: Google Maps/Street View

Fusion Noodle Bar. Photo: Google Maps/Street View