THE spookiest night of the year is nearly upon us, so we asked our readers where they think is the most haunted place in Southampton.

Would you be brave enough to seek out the spirits people have seen across the city?

Tudor House 

Daily Echo: Tudor HouseTudor House

The Tudor House Museum in Bugle Street is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

Many readers named the house as the most haunted place in Southampton, with one saying: "I did an overnight investigation in Tudor House years ago, it is definitely haunted."

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One reader spoke of the hair-raising experience they had in the museum only last week.

They said: "My daughter was on a school trip in the Tudor House last week. Her class went to tour the basement, and she wanted to go have a look, so we walked down to the air raid shelter.

"The hairs went up on both the backs of our necks and she instantly "noped" out.

"I turned to go back up, and something brushed past me in the doorway but nothing was there. I absolutely won't go down there again!"

Switch nightclub 

Daily Echo:

Perhaps an unexpected addition to the list, but terrifying tales of this city centre nightclub have been told.

The Above Bar Street venue is well known for hosting a variety of live acts, but some believe it is home to souls from a bygone era.

One reader has claimed that it is "most certainly haunted."

They said: "I used to work there when it was the Square Balloon and it used to be a bomb shelter during the war. 

"People have seen ghosts whilst working. Down in the underground tunnels below the building is extremely creepy and most certainly haunted."

The Red Lion pub

Daily Echo: The Red LionThe Red Lion

Beware, you will never drink a pint alone in this pub...

This is what numerous Southampton residents and pub-goers believe.

This isn't surprising considering the cellar in the Red Lion can be traced as far back as 1148, and the main building hails from the Tudor era.

And the high street pub is rumoured to be haunted by not one, but 21 ghosts.

One reader said: "(The pub is) very atmospheric especially in the middle of the night."

Royal Victoria Country Park

Daily Echo: Royal Victoria Country Park by Antony LoweRoyal Victoria Country Park by Antony Lowe

Netley Chapel is said to be haunted by the 'Grey Lady', a Victorian nurse that threw herself from the chapel tower. 

The country park was previously home to a large military hospital, but now only the chapel remains. 

One reader said: "My partner saw the Grey Lady in the Chapel Tower at night and me and kids saw her a year ago. 

"It's creepy as you can tell it a lady in a white gown but you can see through her."

Where do you think is the most haunted place in Southampton?