A BATTLE-scarred Aston Martin DB5 is the centrepiece of a new exhibition based on the latest James Bond film.

The display at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, features some of the vehicles used in the newly-released No Time To Die, which marks Daniel Craig's final outing as 007.

Lord Montagu performed the opening ceremony by unveiling one of the DB5s that appear in the movie.

Visitors to the award-winning museum broke into a round of applause as he pulled back a cover to reveal the bullet-riddled vehicle, which occupies pride of place at the exhibition.

The car is not as badly scarred as it looks, thanks to the expertise of the special effects team that worked on the movie.

Lord Montagu, whose father founded the museum, joked: "As a lover of fine cars, it's a little distressing to see all this apparent damage."

The vehicle boasts some of the gadgets first seen in the 1964 Bond film Goldfinger, although the revolving number plates have been replaced by an LED alternative.

Bond's favourite mode of transport now has the ability to shake off pursuers by dropping a cluster of small mines, some of which are on display.

Lord Montagu opened the exhibition after driving into the main museum building in another DB5, accompanied by the 007 theme.

He was joined by the film's special effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, who took part in a question and answer session.

Chris revealed that ten DB5s were used in No Time To Die - two originals and eight bespoke vehicles supplied by Aston Martin.

He said the production team had discussed the idea of borrowing cars from their owners but added: "Would you want to rent out your cherished DB5 for James Bond action sequence? It wasn't really an option."

Chris also spoke about some of the film's spectacular stunts.

He said: "If he'd had his way Daniel would have done all the driving but we needed him for the rest of the film, so we had to rein him in a bit."

Speaking after the launch Lord Montagu said: "Exhibiting Bond cars in the National Motor Museum is a great way of combining our subject – the history of motoring right up to the present day – with one of the best known themes from the world of entertainment.

"I am delighted that Eon have given us the opportunity to stage this exhibition as I feel sure it will be very popular with our visitors.”

Chris added: "The exhibition sums up everything we did in the film. The original vehicles are all there in one place to see – from the classics to up-to-date and even state-of-the-art cars. It’s a wonderful collection.’’

Exhibits include Bond's Omega watch, along with some of the objects associated with the movie's most memorable villains.

They include Safin's sinister mask and Primo's bionic eye, which enables him to communicate with his imprisoned boss - the infamous Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

A stealth glider used by Bond and Nomi is also on show, along with a clapperboard signed by members of the cast and crew.