The Woodland Trust is calling for more trees to be planted and existing woodlands to be improved or else climate change targets could be missed.

With trees one of the Government’s top priorities at COP 26, the UK risks failing to meet its carbon net zero ambitions unless more trees are planted, woodland restored and the condition of woods improved, the Woodland Trust has warned.

In total, the Woodland Trust will be sending out nearly 1.4 million free trees to schools and community groups over the coming planting season to support the Big Climate Fightback, which is backed by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Dr Darren Moorcroft is chief executive of the Woodland Trust, which is aiming to establish 50 million new trees by 2025. Darren said: “Our woods are not in great shape, and we remain one of the least wooded countries at 13 per cent woodland cover, compared to 37 per cent in the rest of Europe.

“Without greater action, small and fragmented woods will remain that way and species will face extinction. But it is not too late – things can change.”