I HAVE to comment the state of the path between Redbridge Hill and Irving Road.

It is a disgrace and very dangerous due to a very uneven flag stones.

It would be very easy for a member of the community to fall and break a hip or leg.

My next involvement was this Sunday, when I went to Millbrook Rec to see my grandson to play football.

I was disgusted by the car parking – it was like a bomb site.

There was a dirty old caravan dumped and an abandoned vehicle with a caved in front.

I felt ashamed to come from the area, let alone the message it sends to our young footballers.

The junior league plays all areas from Eastleigh to the New Forest and in my experience these councils take great pride in their open spaces.

It is an attitude Southampton City Council cannot brag about.

We have a wonderful history which, like Winchester, could attract visitors from around the world, but this council is too busy to assess the beauty of this city and make it great.

No wonder we have never been in with the chance of becoming a City of Culture.

Christine Cassell