CONTROVERSIAL plans for a transport hub have been scrapped - as newly revised travel proposals are unveiled.

CCTV cameras at bus stops, £1 evening bus fares, a new transport app and single tickets to access different travel options are among the initiatives that could be launched in Southampton in the coming years.

The measures are part of a plan set to be approved by cabinet members tonight.

Previously announced transport hubs where people would be able to access buses and e-scooters are also part of the plan.

But the park and travel hub at Lances Hill Car Park in Bitterne will not go-ahead.

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Cllr Jeremy Moulton,  cabinet member for growth, said the controversial plans were scrapped in the summer by the new administration.

Residents feared the hub would “create chaos”, increase traffic, pollution and anti-social behaviour. Cllr Moulton said the scheme was “not suitable” for the area.

But he said the “concept” behind it is something that the new administration would look at.

It comes as the plan set to be approved next week also includes proposals for upgraded traffic lights and improvements at bus stops across the city.

Cllr Moulton said a new app providing bus information could also be launched. 

The initiatives could be funded through a share of a £3bn government fund, with a plan It comes as the plan set to be discussed by cabinet members is to be sent to government by the end of this month.

It could then be followed by detailed proposals and a public consultation ahead of a formal bid for a share of the £3bn grant.

Cllr Moulton said: “We are a growing city, we are very ambitious, if we do grow we need transport improvements.”

He said the government would look at measures that could support growth and increase bus patronage.

Cabinet members will also be asked to approve funding to support bus companies Bluestar and First continue deliver the £1 evening bus fares until the end of the year.

But Cllr Sarah Bogle, shadow cabinet member for transport, has raised concerns over the plan to improve bus services in the city.

She said she is concerned that scrapping schemes such as the park and travel hub at Lances Hill car park could “jeopardise” the council’s chances of getting “a decent slice of the £3bn”.

“I am also concerned that decisions are not being made using evidence,  but instead are based on belief – the cancellation of Lances Hill park and ride is an example of this,” she added.

The cabinet meeting will be held on Monday October 18 at 6pm.