A woman, who lives near Winchester has described being trapped in her own home because of a dangerous wall.

Emily Milne, who lives at 92 Maytree Close, Badger Farm, was told in February 2020 that she couldn't use her garden or garage because of the wall.

The property is one of several on Maytree Close which has been affected by this with at least eight not being able to use their garages and three unable to use their garden.

This has been especially difficult for Emily who has two children and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), having served in the Armed Forces for four years.

Emily said: “We had a meeting regarding the situation recently and I actually cried to the housing officer. I suffer with PTSD and I don't understand why they can't move me to a different property, they refused to do that.

“The wall is about five and a half metres high and it has come away from the garages, so it's only being held up by ivy.”

The property is owned by A2Dominion, however the wall is owned by a private tenant.

Emily said: “The garage block is privatively owned, so the person who owns it is responsible for the wall. They got a quote to do the wall and it was £20,000. The tenant won't spend that money.

“I haven't been put on another housing list because apparently my house is still liveable even though I've had no garage or garden for the last 18 months. A2Dominion gave us £100 as a goodwill gesture, but no compensation.

“I've been on to the British Legion as they were the ones who actually helped to get me this property and they said I should never have been moved into this property with the wall being unsafe.

“They've actually told me to call social services because the wall is a danger to my children.”

Dawn Wightman, Director of Housing, at A2Dominion said: “I appreciate this is a very frustrating situation for all involved and would like to assure our residents that we are doing all we can to resolve it.

“Unfortunately the wall in question is not the property of A2Dominion, so we cannot carry out the required repairs ourselves. We have however made it clear that we are willing to contribute to the cost.

“The owners of the wall have not yet engaged with the local authority, despite efforts to facilitate a meeting to discuss this issue, and no further progress can be made until this has happened.

“In the meantime we are sending our own structural engineer to look at the wall in the next two weeks so that we can better understand the current situation for our residents.

“We have provided the residents with details of how they can apply to move if they wish and we are willing to support them if that is their preferred option.”