SOUTHAMPTON residents woke to a a simply spectacular sunrise this morning.

Daily Echo: Photo by Brenda BainesPhoto by Brenda Baines

Daily Echo: Photo by Lesley Ranger Photo by Lesley Ranger

Rich and fiery orange and pink skies made for an incredible sight, with many capturing the stunning scene on camera.

Daily Echo: Southampton Common by Jamie CoshSouthampton Common by Jamie Cosh

If you missed it, here are a few pictures taken by readers and members of the Daily Echo Camera Club.

Daily Echo: Photo by Amanda Morby Photo by Amanda Morby

Iain Blair captured this amazing photo onboard the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. 

Daily Echo: Photo by Iain Blair Photo by Iain Blair

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Daily Echo: Photo by Katie Jaynne Photo by Katie Jaynne

Wayne McNeill enjoyed the superb sunrise over Valley Park this morning.

Daily Echo: Photo by Wayne McNeill Photo by Wayne McNeill

Daily Echo: Photo by Mike Andrew Davies Photo by Mike Andrew Davies

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