CAMPAIGNERS against Southampton Airport's runway extension say they remain confident after a legal challenge was refused. 

GOESA Ltd, a company set up by those opposed to Southampton Airport's runway extension, submitted an application to the High Court for a judicial review in July this year. 

This came after Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) granted planning permission for the airport extension which proved controversial during the consultation process. 

An online fundraising page was set up to fund the review which raised over £60,000, but now, EBC has said that the High Court has refused the review of planning permission.

Despite this though, GOESA Ltd has said that this is "not the end" and say that there are still chances to appeal this. 

John Lauwerys of GOESA Ltd told the Echo: "We've got to decide within the next seven days, whether we apply to have the matter renewed in open court.

"We're taking legal advice and that process will be decided very quickly in the next few days.

"If the matter is renewed in open court it can lead to approval being given to hear a judicial review so it's premature to say the matter has been refused, it has been refused at the first stage, but there is a further stage before the matter is decided.

"If the decision that we apply to have the decision renewed, then early next week that will go to the next stage in the process.

"It's not the end of the day. It still has to be finalised and we remain confident that we have a very good case to challenge the planning consent."

Richard Mould-Ryan, speaking on behalf of Airport Expansion Opposition (AXO) Southampton added: "GOESA has told its supporters that it is seeking the advice of its legal team, and the matter is far from resolved.

"We remain confident about the challenge to the planning permission granted by Eastleigh Borough Council for the runway extension, and hope there will be more news early next week."

A second application for a judicial review was also made by Bournemouth International Airport Ltd, but this has also been refused. 

Speaking after the announcement, Southampton Airport said it welcomed the news and is now waiting to see how the situation develops.