AN AMBULANCE trust says it has experienced another 'extremely busy' night as increased demand continues.

South Central Ambulance Service said it was very busy last night, warning those who need help that taking calls is taking longer than usual.

This comes after the trust urged people to use alternatives to 999 if they are not in a life threatening situation due to the current increased demand on ambulances and hospitals in the area.

Now those who are in a serious or life-threatening emergency are being reminded to stay on the line whilst call takers work through the calls coming in.

A spokesperson for the ambulance trust said in a post on Facebook yesterday: "It’s very busy tonight and our amazing teams are doing their very best to help our patients as quickly as possible.

"If you are suffering a serious or life threatening emergency please continue to call 999 but please stay on the line.

"Due to the number of patients who need our help this is taking longer than we would like, but our skilled Emergency Call Takers will take your call as soon as they are available.

"If you are experiencing a situation that is not serious or life threatening there are options available."