Areas of water around Southampton have revealed to have sewage dumped into them for many hours last year, according to a charity.

The Rivers Trust's interactive map shows a number of sewage discharges and overflows in and around Southampton water in the last year.

The map, which you can view here, shows where the sewage network discharges treated effluent and overflows of untreated effluent and storm water into rivers in England.

It reveals how many times the outflows were used, and for how long.

In 2020, sewer storm overflows and emergency overflows near Millbrook, Marchwood, Woolston and Portswood all exceeded 100 hours of discharge over the year.

At Marchwood it reached a total of 744 hours.

The Rivers Trust, which works to protect waterways, says we should not entering the water immediately downstream of discharges and avoid overflows.

This scrutiny surrounding sewage dumping comes after the Government voted down an amendment in the Environment Bill that would have placed a legal duty on water treatment companies to make progressive changes in their sewage disposal.

MP Robert Courts said most Conservatives voted against it because it would have been too expensive to implement at this stage.

A map from the group Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) shows more recent sewage discharges in costal areas, so it can help people avoid those waters if they were planning a day out at the beach.