Having never seen Mischief Theatre’s ‘Goes Wrong’ series of plays, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but was pretty excited for what I’d heard promised to be a night of comedy and magic.

Magic Goes Wrong kicked off at the Mayflower Theatre earlier this week and arriving early meant not only were we treated to two local magicians performing in the bar and foyer, but we were also in our seats early enough to see the cast causing mayhem in the audience before the show began.

Created with magic legends Penn and Teller, Magic Goes Wrong, features Sam Hill in the role of Sophisticato, who inherits a magic wand from his late father and decides to use some of the magical props and equipment that he was not allowed to touch in a charity fundraiser.

We also meet The Blade, Kiefer Moriarty, who is accident prone, and finds himself injured in pretty much every trick he does and Rory Fairbairn as the Mind Mangler, who has x-ray vision and can read minds – ensuring plenty of audience participation, including Mickey/Brian (Daniel Anthony), who helps him out on stage at every opportunity.

German twins Jocelyn Prah as Spitzmaus and Chloe Tannenbaum as Bär play their parody parts well, and the stunning Eugenia, played by Valerie Cutko, meets an untimely end as she is sawn in half – I still haven’t figured that one out!

As much as the title suggests - that the magic would go wrong – it does, and it doesn’t…

There are some truly mind-baffling illusions and clever tricks, which – although they sometimes get slightly lost in the slapstick scenes and audience participation - make this show worth seeing.

Magic Goes Wrong runs until Saturday (October 30). Tickets from mayflower.org.uk or 023 8071 1811.