SECONDARY school pupils and college students are being reminded to test the evening before they return from the half term holiday.

The holiday ends this Friday and children will return to their campuses on Monday (November 2).

Even those without symptoms are being urged to test by Hampshire County Council.

Cllr Roz Chadd said: “As the number of positive cases rises both locally and nationally, so we are asking our school communities – children, young people, parents, carers and staff – to keep testing regularly to help prevent further spread of the virus.

"Lateral flow device tests are readily available, come with clear instructions, and can be completed in minutes. Keeping our children in school is vital for their progress and wellbeing – let’s get the second half of this term off to a healthy start.”

Children of primary school age or younger who are not experiencing any symptoms do not need to take Covid-19 tests at home.

Where to get asymptomatic test kits

covid test

covid test

• Anyone can access free, rapid lateral flow device (LFD) test kits for themselves and their families to use twice a week.

• You can get rapid lateral flow test kits sent directly to your home, for details visit or call 119.

• Kits can also be collected from participating pharmacies across the county: check the NHS website for your nearest collection site and opening times.

• You can also take a rapid test through the supervised testing offer in pharmacies – go online for more details and a list of participating pharmacies at:

What to do after taking a test without symptoms

Daily Echo: If you display Covid symptoms, you must take a PCR test

• If the result is positive, book a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible and check the latest self-isolation guidance to understand the steps to be followed.

• If the test is negative, continue to follow preventative measures for stopping the spread of the virus including wearing a face covering in crowded spaces, washing your hands frequently with soap and hot water, and letting fresh air indoors whenever possible.

• There is more information about test results and what to do on the NHS website.

Any adult or child of any age with symptoms of COVID-19 should get a PCR test at a symptomatic testing site: book a test online or call 119.