FIREFIGHTERS have been called once again to an assisted living block in Southampton after another person became stuck in a lift.

As previously reported in the Echo, residents have made complaints regarding lifts at Potters Court constantly breaking down and needing to be fixed.

One resident claimed that one lift at the building is permanently broken and another breaks multiple times a week, prompting an engineer to come out and fix it each time.

Now though, firefighters have been called to the site on Wimpson Lane again after a man became trapped last week.

A spokesperson for Hampshire and Isle of Wight fire and rescue service said: “Redbridge firefighters were called at 18:54 last Wednesday (20 October) to a man trapped in a lift at Potters Court on Wimpson Lane in Southampton.

Daily Echo: Firefighters were called to Potters Court on Wimpson Lane, Southampton after a carer got stuck in a broken lift.

“The crew were able to release the man before leaving the scene at 19:05.”

Residents have spoken out again saying the person trapped was in his 80s and struggling to breath because of how long he was stuck.

Southampton City Council, which runs the building, has been shortlisted for an award due to its work on the Potters Court scheme and previously referred to the issues as “teething problems”.

They added they are working to address these and minimise the impact to residents with the on-site team providing “daily reassurance and support”.

But one resident, who wanted to remain anonymous said no one was speaking to residents.

They added: “It’s not fair, there’s people here who are ill and they rely on those lifts and it’s really frustrating.

“The carers here are really good, you can’t fault them. If anything goes wrong, their the first people you see, and they’ve been getting a lot of stick from people but it’s not their fault.

“My biggest fear is if an ambulance crew turned up and someone needs help and they can’t get to them or if the lift broke down when they’re in it. It just makes me so angry.”