A WOMAN in pleading for help to find her much loved cat while she is force to isolate at home with covid.

Laura Murphy has found herself in a "desperate situation" after he cat, Claude, disappeared from their West End home on Wednesday, November 3.

Laura, who lives on Brookside Way, tested positive for coronavirus last week and her husband tested positive for the virus on Friday, November 5.

Daily Echo:

Now, Laura is appealing for help from the public if they spot her four-legged friend.

"I am distraught," she said.

"But worse, I cannot leave the house to search for him, put up posters or post flyers, even if I were legally allowed, I am not physically able yet."

"My husband is home with me, but got his diagnosis of Covid on his birthday, with me in tears over Claude most of the day we have agreed yesterday didn't count and he can have a second birthday this year."

She added: "If people see (Claude) and are willing and able, I am sure he will gladly be picked up.

"As far as distinguishing features go, he snapped off one of his top incisors a couple of years ago, which makes him look very rogueish, but also more identifiable, it is very visible when he talks."

Laura explained that Claude has never gone missing before but gets the feeling he is quite the traveller.

She said: "He loves to be outdoors, in the summer he lies on the lawn all day, and leaves circles of dead grass, or he sleeps in the bushes on the drive, and when he comes in he usually has leaves and twigs in his fur, which he then shakes out all over the floor for us. "

If you see Claude, you can contact Laura on 07738020661 or email LSmith002@hotmail.com.