WORKERS in Southampton are some of the worst for skipping lunch due to feeling overworked, figures have shown.

Southampton is the second top UK city where employees are being overworked and skipping lunch, as new data reveals the nation’s health at work.

Surveying employees across the country to find out how many are skipping lunches, meal replacement specialists abnormal. has digested the nation’s eating habits, to explain just how detrimental skipping meals at work can be.

Cardiff, Bristol, and Southampton are amongst the cities with the unhealthiest eating habits.

Cardiff is top the table, as workers are missing lunches the most, with ten per cent of people skipping them five or more times per week due to a heavy workload.

In Southampton, eight per cent do the same.

A total of 22 per cent of Southampton employees are not eating lunch three or more times during the week.

Kyle Crowley, new product development manager at abnormal., said: “It is really important as we move towards a less structured way of working that we still make time to eat lunch.

"It is easy when we are managing our own time and working alone to get engrossed in our tasks and neglect our diet, especially when we are feeling overworked or stressed but it is crucial that we fuel our bodies to maintain our health and productivity levels.

"Skipping a meal may result in us experiencing a lack of energy. Missing out on lunch at work can reduce the amount of glucose (energy) available for our brain to run on and therefore make it harder to concentrate and complete tasks."