YOUNG drama students were given the red carpet treatment at an awards ceremony that had been delayed by the pandemic.

Shine Performing Arts, which runs classes in West End and Ashurst, staged the Hollywood-style evening at Hanger Farm arts centre in Totton.

Students arriving at the event were photographed in a luxury vehicle provided by New Forest Limousines.

It was followed by a screening of films they had made over the past 18 months, one of which featured the children in their own homes during lockdown.

Two of the movies were shot at Chilworth Manor, Southampton, with Hannah Dineen, 11, writing both scripts.

Ashurst members supplied a musical offering written by Madison Bell and Logan Young. It focused on a dystopian world ruled by a corrupt news station facing opposition from a band of revolutionaries.

Certificates were handed out by two assistant teachers, James Cooke and Beth Bidwell, and senior student Feila O’Neill Rossiter. Trophies were given out by assistant teacher Logan Young.

The award winners were:

West End Class: Best Actor, Stanley Stamp; Progression, Taylor Cartin; Achievement, Hannah Dineen.

Ashurst Juniors: Best Actor, Summer Osborne; Progression, Gracie Jackson; Development, Alysha Spoard.

Senior Ashurst Class: Best Actress, Beth Bidwell; Achievement, Eden Perkin; Progression, Alysha Taylor.

Special achievement awards were given to Logan Young and Madison Bell for their work on the film about the news channel.

A similar award went to Kian Chungh for securing the lead in a commercial for Shine describes as a "major client" in the US.

Shine spokeswoman June Young said: "Shine is not just a drama school. It focuses on discovering other talents, encouraging the creative and developing skills and confidence to equip people in all areas of life.

"It's a very special place where parents, children and staff - and even past students - can participate and have a lot of fun along the way."