A SOUTHAMPTON artist is transforming the way the city's history is explored – one knitting needle at a time.

Sarah Filmer, who is also a vet and lecturer at Solent University, attended art school aged 38 after her mum died.

Within 20 minutes, Sarah knew that she wanted to pursue art as her career and has since been wowing the Southampton community with her creations.

In the past few years, she has been showcasing her art at God's House Tower (GHT), an arts and heritage venue run by a space arts in the heart of the city's Old Town.

Sarah said: "A few years ago I had my first exhibition in the Bargate called the 'blue jumper', which saw over 1200 participants contribute to group knitting through community activities and workshops.

"From that, I got to know a space arts. They secured the lease for GHT but millions were needed to refurbish it.

"(In the meantime) I decided to get funding for seven artists to be artists in residence in GHT before it was refurbished.

Daily Echo: Sarah Filmer's 'knit the walls' at God's House TowerSarah Filmer's 'knit the walls' at God's House Tower

"On the back of that came 'knit the walls'. This is another way of recording the history (of GHT) that is not recognised. People can think about history in a different way.

"a space arts asked me to create the three films which are in the tower exhibition and I am completely thrilled to be a part of that, it is such a privilege."

From November 12, Sarah's exhibition 'knit the walls', which she describes as a work in progress, can be enjoyed in GHT.

The ongoing collaborative project involves many of Southampton’s residents and visitors, and sees the creation of a knitted, woollen incarnation of the city’s medieval walls.

It will encourage people to involve themselves in an alternative side of history and stories.

Daily Echo: Sarah Filmer's 'knit the walls'Sarah Filmer's 'knit the walls'

Sarah said: "I’ve met so many lovely people doing this project and ‘knit the walls' has generated its own community of amazing, friendly knitters.

"Being here in GHT for three weeks in a row, I hope to share the project with new audiences and grow our connections and community even further."

'knit the walls' is open to the public from November 12 until November 28 on GHT’s normal opening days, Friday to Sunday.