IS THERE any greater joy than piling a sumptiously soft bun into your mouth, or slathering a fresh piece of bread in a layer of butter before eating?

Bakeries, and their delicious products, bring a lot of joy, and we think they should be celebrated. 

Southampton is home to a host of bakeries so we have compiled a list of five that you should visit, because baked goods should be enjoyed all day, every day.

Biglands Bakery 

120 St Marys Street, Southampton

Daily Echo: Photo: Biglands BakeryPhoto: Biglands Bakery

Biglands Bakery is a family-run business which has been trading for over 15 years.

There has been a bakery at 120 St Marys Street for over 200 years, and Biglands have kept true to the traditions of craft-baking.

You will usually discover a selection of delectable breads and speciality breads, as well as sweet treats.

Daily Echo: Photo: Biglands BakeryPhoto: Biglands Bakery

This includes the classic white, wholemeal and granary sandwich loaf, crusty cobs and torpedo rolls.

Belgian buns, vanilla slices, apple doughnuts and millionaire's shortbread are popular choices for those with a sweet tooth.

Oven Door Bakery 

42 Victoria Road, Southampton

This Woolston bakery is a firm favourite with residents.

Oven Door serves a variety of baked goods, from fresh cream sponges, gingerbread men and seasonal items to tasty doughnuts (ring and jam) and celebration cakes.

Daily Echo: Photo: Oven Door Bakery Photo: Oven Door Bakery

One reviewer said: "Fantastic staff, amazing breakfast rolls. All in all, I love having you as my local bakery."

Another customer described it as an "amazing little bakery."

They said: "Great fresh bread, huge Belgian buns and a slab of bread pudding to die for."

Bakers Dozen

38 Victoria Road, Southampton and 77A High St, West End

With locations in both Netley and West End, this bakery has been praised for its bread offering.

One customer said Bakers Dozen has the "best French baguettes outside of France."

Daily Echo: Photo: Bakers DozenPhoto: Bakers Dozen

The bakery is also well-loved for its sourdough loaves, pastries and deep fill pies, pasties, cakes and Belgian buns.

Love Cake Bakery

21 St James Road, Southampton

Love Cake offers freshly prepared bakes daily and stocks fresh artisan bread from local bakery 'Happy Toast'.

Daily Echo: Photo: Love Cake BakeryPhoto: Love Cake Bakery

Customers can enjoy a wide range of cakes, including traditional cakes, party cakes, cupcakes and fresh cream cakes.

On top of that, the bakery also boasts tasty celebration cakes.

Tilleys Bakery

6 The Marsh, Hythe, Southampton

Customers are spolit for choice at this bakery across the water.

Cakes, buns, pies, pasties and celebrarion cakes - what more do you need?

Daily Echo: Photo: Tilleys BakeryPhoto: Tilleys Bakery

Tilleys' baker is in at 4am every morning to bake the bread for the day and there is a wide range of freshly baked loaves and rolls available. 

Cakes are also cooked daily, and you can enjoy scones, Danish pastries, iced buns, cookies and a freshly cooked donut, to name a few.