BARTON Peveril has secured funding for its new £9.5 million building development project.

'The Business School' will allow the sixth-form college to broaden its educational offering to more of the county’s young people.

It received a £4 million grant from the Department for Education’s Post-16 Capacity Fund and will contribute a further £5.5 million from its own reserves.

Principal Jonathan Prest said: "It is fantastic to have the unanimous support of the Borough Council Local Area Committee for our new Business School.

"The building will provide young people coming to Barton Peveril with 28 new classrooms and study areas and nearly 3000 m² of additional space. In keeping with the climate sensitive policies of the Council, the building will use state of the art ground source heating and cooling, and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

"The college is growing fast as the demographic increases for the 16-18 age group and the College's outstanding results and reputation for excellent support make it ever more popular. The Business School will allow us to accommodate all our existing and anticipated new students in attractive and modern classrooms.

Barton Peveril has sought the expansion of its existing campus to maintain the quality of service and facilities it offers to its 4,400 current students, who travel to the campus in Eastleigh from across Southampton, Winchester, Fareham and the New Forest.

Mr Prest added: "Reports from the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership and CBI show that the future skills needs of the Solent region require a growth in the number of people with higher level skills and qualifications.

"Barton Peveril is a leader in turning out young people equipped to deliver the future prosperity of the region, and contribute to the cohesion and well-being of our local communities."

This new building is the latest in a series of recent projects at the college, including the £6.5 million Science Centre completed in 2019 and the extensively remodelled, £1.35 million Rose Theatre that re-opened in 2021.