IT IS one of the biggest albums in history – but also one of the most controversial.

A whopping 500,000 copies of Adele’s 30 are being pressed during a 'global vinyl shortage', and dozens of shops are boycotting it.

But Southampton's biggest independent record store Vinilo will stock the product.

The album has pushed back releases by other artists by months, which is the driving force behind the boycott.

A spokesperson for Vinilo explained why it will sell 30 from November 19.

"Adele’s album has a vast amount of pre orders for it and lots of interest for the limited clear vinyl," they said.

"We support new releases and new music every week, and Adele is looking like one of the key releases this year. Also let’s not forget this is her first album since Adele 25.

"Adele currently has 65,244,240 monthly listeners on Spotify. So we can understand the demand for the quantity of records being pressed."

It has been reported in national newspapers that vinyl pressing plants are struggling to meet demand, and well-funded labels are trying to jump the queue.

There is also a global PVC shortage.

Adele wrote 30 between 2018 and 2021 with various producers, including Greg Kurstin.

The lead single, Easy on Me, was released on October 15 2021 to international success.

In 2018, mainstream media outlets alleged that Adele was working on her fourth studio album.

Back in May 2019, her 31st birthday, Adele posted several black-and-white pictures of herself on her Instagram account celebrating the occasion, along with a message reflecting on the preceding year.

The message ended with, "30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you".

The Echo has contacted other record stores in Southampton and awaits a response.