THE Prime Minister said he learned about "the power of UK creativity" by going to a popular Hampshire attraction.

Boris Johnson praised Peppa Pig world while at the podium of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) meeting today (November 22).

He asked the audience to put their hands up if they have visited the section of Paultons Park, which is near Romsey.

Microphones could pick up laughter from attendees, and then the PM said “not enough” people had visited and that it was “my kind of place”.

He said he learned many things during his visit over the weekend, and said the biggest one was "UK creativity".

"Who would've known, that a pig that looks like a hairdryer or possibly some kind Picasso hairdryer," he said.

"A pig that was rejected by the BBC has now been exported to 180 countries with theme parks both in America and China. A business now worth £6billion and counting, I think that is pure genius don't you?"

Praising the ingenuity of the private sector, Mr Johnson said “no Whitehall civil servant could conceivably have come up with Peppa”.

He added: “I was a bit hazy what I would find at Peppa Pig World but I loved it. Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place,” Mr Johnson said about his day out at the Hampshire attraction.

“It has very safe streets, discipline in schools, a heavy emphasis in new mass transit systems, I noticed, even if they are a bit stereotypical about Daddy Pig.”