Boris Johnson is set to announce plans that would mean that all new homes will need to have an electric car charging point installed by 2022.

From next year, supermarkets and office blocks among other sites will be required to install electric car chargers to help us phase out petrol and diesel cars.

The government expects that this move will lead to more than 145,000 new charging points each year.

Home chargers are "the cheapest, most convenient and safest way" which is why 80 percent of people do charge their electric cars at home according to RAC.


We have put together a list of some of the biggest providers of home electric car chargers including packages that come with Office for Zero Emissions Vehicle (OZEV) grants.

Buy a home car charging point

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is currently running a promotion on its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

When you purchase a home charger today, you can get 12 months of “out of charge” service from The AA.

Eo Mini Pro 2

With a 7kW charging speed, lock device and WiFi, this EO Mini Pro 2 might just be the investment that you've been looking for. 

This home charger is eligible for an OZEV grant and comes with a three-year warranty. 

Instead of paying £899, get yours for £549.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus has Wifi and Bluetooth connection and is operated by the Scottish Power app. 

With a 7kW charging speed, charge scheduler and lock device, this home charger is eligible for an OZEV grant and has a three-year warranty. 

Without a grant, the charger costs £949 but you can get it from Scottish Power for £599.

EDF Energy

Pod Point Solo 3 - 7kW 

At EDF energy, this Pod Point Solo 3 is available in two models. 

Drivers can pick between a universal socket which is useful if you have more than one car with different connection types.

Or you can get tethered cable which is permanently attached to the vehicle. 

There is also a choice between charging speeds 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW plus Wi-Fi & App connectivity, charge scheduling and auto power balancing

It has a three-year warranty and you can track all the costs from the Pod Point App. 

You can have your charging point installed by EDF from £549.


Alfen Eve S-Line Untethered

With GPRS connectivity and PME earthing, this Alfen Eve S-Line gives you the flexibility to remove the cable. 

The cable isn't included but the charger has a speed of up to 7.4kW and is managed over the HIVE App.

It is now available from £659.

Alfen Eve S-Line Tethered

On the flip side, RAC also has the Alfen Eve S-Line with a permanently fixed cable. 

It also comes with all the benefits of the untethered model with GPRS connectivity and PME earthing.

The charger also has a speed up to 7.4kW and is managed over the HIVE App.

Get yours from £749.