CRIMES of violent and sexual nature are by far the most-reported across Southampton

This shocking map shows the location and outcome of these reports. 

In September, the latest data available, 1,332 incidents of this kind were officially disclosed to Hampshire Constabulary. 

Scroll around the map and click individual markers for specific details:

In total during September, there were 260 anti-social behaviour incidents; 288 public order cases; 182 criminal damage and arson; 91 burglaries; 94 other thefts; 97 vehicle crimes; 48 drug related incidents; 70 cases of shoplifting; 35 bicycle thefts; 28 in the category of possessing weapons; 7 robberies; 5 thefts from a person; and 22 'other crimes'.

In August, the totals were 774 violent and sexual incidents; 306 anti-social behaviour incidents; 238 public order cases; 172 criminal damage and arson; 76 burglaries; 104 other thefts; 131 vehicle crimes; 36 drug related incidents; 47 cases of shoplifting; 36 bicycle thefts; 25 in the category of possessing weapons; 12 robberies; 9 thefts from a person; and 34 'other crimes'.

The data used to power this map and graph came from, which is the official website that constabularies across England and Wales update regularly.
Southampton-specific data is contained within Hampshire Constabulary's long list which includes Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Test Valley and more.