HOLIDAY-makers have accused a cruise company of "not knowing what they're doing" after their cruise was delayed last week following a PCR tests misunderstanding.

Guests set to board the MSC Magnifica from Southampton on Tuesday, November 16 faced a day of disruption after many did not arrive with a negative PCR test.

Some guests claimed they were not informed that a negative PCR test was needed to board the ship, while MSC state that all guests were contacted prior to departure.

Graham Mortlock, 70 , travelled to Horizon Cruise Terminal with his wife Diane, 78, from Eastbourne for their cruise, but faced delays upon arrival.

Speaking on Tuesday evening, Graham said: "It has just been unbelievable. They said everyone needed a PCR test but they didn’t let us know and there are about 200 people without one.

"Eventually we were told to have a test done at a clinic which we paid £39 for. Some people were obviously informed about this, but our agent from Igloo knows nothing about it.

"We have been here since 11 o’clock this morning, and there was nearly a riot. A police presence later arrived because people were so agitated.

"MSC just don’t know what they’re doing. People have stayed overnight and come from all over for this cruise."

Guests were able to board the ship once proof of a negative PCR test was obtained.

Following this incident, MSC has decided to "further re-enforce" their communications both on the website and with the customer directly.

A spokesperson from the cruise company said: "On Tuesday morning a handful of passengers arrived at the terminal in Southampton to board MSC Magnifica without the negative PCR test required to join the ship.

"All information about what test or certification is required to join our ships in destinations across the world can be found on our website. In addition guests are contacted before departure with a reminder of these requirements.

"In order to ensure this is prevented for the further 21 departures of the ship from Southampton to Northern Europe this winter we have taken the decision to further re-enforce our communications both on our website and with the customer directly."