IT IS the Southampton business striving to help customers feel and look their best.

Beauty Enhanced is a local and friendly salon owned by Cara Cross and based in Freemantle.

The family-run business specialises beauty treatments and an up and coming new nail technique called SNS - a powder dipping system. A base coat is applied, followed by the nail being ‘dipped’ into a coloured powder.

Beauty Enhanced has been trading for more than 13 years.

Cara has been doing beauty therapy for nearly 20 years.

She explained that she loves it as much today as she did when she started and loves nothing more than to share her wealth of knowledge with anyone that works with her.

Cara recently opened a second salon in Woolston in July called Beauty Enhanced 2 which her sister, Jazmine, manages full time so she’s keeping it in the family

Cara said: “We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service.

“Not just average we go above and beyond to make all of our clients feel extra special.

“We have clients ranging from eight-years-old to 90-years-old.

“Everyone feels special no matter what age or background.”

Cara added that her customers always come back thanks to their “excellent customer service and 100 per cent satisfaction of every treatment every time”.

Cara has lots of clients that have been coming to her for more than 18 years and many clients that have been visiting Beauty Enhanced regularly since opening in 2008. Clients always know what they are going to get at Beauty Enhanced

Speaking about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Cara said: “We have had to make lots of changes since the pandemic but have faced it all in our stride and adapted what we needed to to keep our clients safe.

“Unfortunately we had to lose a few staff members back last year due to having to social distance but since then we have gone onwards and upwards.

“We were very lucky to have such a large loyal client base that have been our rock throughout and supported us no end (even bringing us in treats and sweets to keep us going) we can’t thank our clients enough as they are our business.

“Southampton needed a local friendly welcoming salon 13 years ago so that’s exactly what we brought to them and continue to do so every day.

“A smile and a kind heart costs nothing but means the world to many that are lonely and still struggling in this pandemic.”